Thankful For the Rain
Looking For Rainbows

You And Me Against the World

Thewedding_1 " Look around you, everything as you see it now, from this day forward.. will be different"

We stood on an old stone patio in a courtyard filled with flowering shrubs. These were the words the pastor said ,before my husband and I exchanged our wedding vows ,almost six years ago.

The stone courtyards of this rustic italian restaurant brought me back to that moment .. Although we sat here , indulging in rare luxuries.. A Saturday night babysitter, an elegant meal in a beautiful restaurant, excellent wine...There was no doubt in my mind, things were very different

Looking at him, he looked very much unchanged. Still energetic, wise, passionate about life. I wondered then, what he saw, looking back at me. So I asked him, beginning with.." I am so different now, are you disappointed?" Surprised, he questioned my use of the word disappointed

" How could you say that" he asked. " Your the love of my life" I know.. I assured him. " But you don't get it " he said.

I went on... The used-to-be's..Before I was successful, I was focused, relaxed, interesting.. I had intelligent things to say, I could start and finish a business discussion with ease... and I went on. " I have never felt more challenged than I do now, I said. I just wondered...

" You are an excellent mother, you are many great things.... but you are the love of my life. You told me once, something.. the most powerful thing anyone has ever said to me, in my life. Do you remember?" he asked.

My eyes held his as I took a sip of wine. waiting. He said " You and Me against the world, you told me once. That was so powerful, so meaningful".

And at that moment I felt like my old self again . " You and Me against the world", I agreed.

There isn't anyone else in this world, that I would choose, but him.